Ohhhh No and Ohhhh Boy

I didn’t vacuum yesterday. Or mop.

(Hanging head in shame…I feel like Eeyore right now)


Roundup from SHEKNOWS

Tuvia reassures me that spot vacuuming where Aiden dropped more cereal than he ate counts and I know he’s being wonderful and supportive, but it doesn’t count for me. I love the idea of going over every floor surface and doing a really good job and I always feel wonderful when I do that (granted it’s been longer than I will openly admit)

But I’m tired. As in, I’m exhausted. By which I mean that I can barely keep my eyes open as I type this…my eyelids are literally fighting gravity right now….eyelids open! Temporary win! I’m gonna cringe when I read this later.

Normally, a setback like this would really dishearten me. I don’t like leaving things unfinished or not doing a good job (and I’m just a teeeeny bit competitive). BUT I’m not going to stand in my own way. Someone is coming in to clean on Thursday (cue angels singing really loudly) and I’m going to let that stand in for my cleaning the floors. This is a big step for me. Letting go of my failures, no matter how small is super hard for me. But I’m doing it- woooooooo

On to the “ohhhh boy” part of this post. Day 4 of the Apartment Therapy January Cure: get a fresh perspective in just 10 minutes. “Find a spot in your home that you rarely sit in that gives you a view on a room or area that you feel is especially problematic and spend 10 quiet minutes there”

I chose the glider (that we temporarily moved from Aiden’s room into our room) as my spot to sit.

Ignore messy pillows and pack n' play

Ignore messy pillows and pack n’ play

Technically I’ve been sitting there a lot when I nurse the bug, but I’m certainly not looking around at the room when I do it and our room has been the hardest for me to visualize.

What I got from my 10 minutes is that I want to pare down what we have in the room and actually do the projects on our list…plus a couple more. I know we’re just supposed to choose 3-5 but in my dreams I would love to also add a real chair for the desk, a carpet (I’ve been loving the Moroccan trend for a long time now), different curtains (if I’m being honest with myself, I want to replace these), and possibly create a workspace in here for me (otherwise it’s been in the kitchen nook or on the living room couch). That’s in addition to the things we have on the list for this room (which already exceeds the 3-5 rule)

Master Bedroom

  • Light fixture
  • Art above bed
  • Dresser styling
  • Move out of season clothing to armoire in the hallway
  • Window cover for french door that blocks enough light in the morning
  • Paint or replace mirror (I know this is a sixth bullet, pretend it’s not)

Okay, so what I got out of the 10 minutes is that we really need to work on our bedroom and make it our oasis at the end of the day, but until Mia is sleeping in the kids’ room, we have a lot of extra stuff in here and I’m not sure it makes much sense for us to work on it now. Then again, as Hillel said, “if not now, when?”

Anyone else cheating by adding more things to their list? Do you have a room that you just can’t figure out?


5 thoughts on “Ohhhh No and Ohhhh Boy

  1. We have that turquoise throw pillow! It’s on my bed. I have about a million things I want to do in every room of my house. It’s a little crazy. A lot of our projects are super expensive though so I’m not sure they’ll happen (like gut and redo first floor bathroom). This is the problem with owning.

  2. I’m having major issues with my dining room. It’s the most highly-trafficked room in the house, and the only solution I can come up with is: Make it…not a dining room?

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