An Easy One

What a relief! Day 6 of the Cure: choose a piece of artwork and get going on framing it!

We basically did this assignment by accident. Not that we framed something by accident…that would be weird and highly unlikely…BUT I recently found a painting from Etsy that I love by So Very Happy Art


And we know exactly where we want to put it. The couch on the living room is beneath a window and on either side I have had a rotating gallery. Not a seasonal or intentional one, more like an ever elusive decision on what we want to keep there. Nothing seems to be just right.

But I think this will work in the smaller corner and it won’t get eaten up by the arc lamp or gold flower arrangement we have there (wow, that sounds gaudy).



Crossing Day 6 off my list! Maybe I’ll even get to Day 7 on time…bwahahahah let’s not get ahead of ourselves


4 thoughts on “An Easy One

  1. Nice artwork! (That’s all I have to say–take it or leave it ((if it helps, imagine a funny voice stretching out the niiiiice)) ) (also, why does everything I write sound like a pick up line?)

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