Ahead of the Cord Game

We have a bundle of cords in two spots in our house: under the sideboard and around our nightstands. One of those bundles is completely inaccessible right now due to the Pack N’ Play that’s next to the bed and I’m too tired to deal with it so: the one big bundle of cords under the sideboard it is!

IMG_0089 IMG_0057 IMG_0058Apartment Therapy’s January Cure assignment for Day 15 is: Exercise a Little Cord Control

We’ve exercised some already, we keep three wicker baskets underneath the sideboard: one for Aiden’s train collection, one for his puzzles, and one for cords.

IMG_0068 IMG_0069 IMG_0073The cordthingythang (surge protector?) on the left doesn’t fit in the basket because the wires running into it are too stiff to bend that way. I would consider somehow attaching it to the bottom of the sideboard or the wall so it’s less visible, but I like having it easily accessible because we switch up the front outlets on a pretty regular basis.

IMG_0081 IMG_0066

I think if we really wanted to, we could cut out a hole in the back of the basket and hide the whole cord shebang in the basket, but 1-I have no idea how to do that and 2- the cords don’t bother me because it looks neat enough as is for me.

However, the box could use some neatening up, so we got rid of the cords we don’t use and now it’s our two computer power cords, and Tuvia’s old-school video game thing (I wonder what he’s gonna say when he realizes I don’t know what it’s called…)


IMG_0088 IMG_0058 IMG_0063So that’s our cord control. It’s nice to have some control in our lives because if there’s one thing having a sick toddler teaches you, it’s that you don’t really control anything.

Good thing he’s so charming 😉

Okay, I have to share this little story because it captures Aiden even in the midst of a fever/ear infection/virus/ exhaustion mix: 

Aiden’s been to two different doctors this week.
Both times, as the doctor listened to his heart, he looked up at her, waited until she locked eyes with him…and winked.
I TOTALLY forgot to include the cord control we do with all the TV paraphernalia! You can see what we did for the wires coming from the TV in this post (though it’s not the focus of the post). And I completely forgot to take pictures when he did it, but Tuvia got all of the wires from the router, the modem, the cable box, and the DVD player out of sight by drilling a hole in the back of the bookcase and snaking the wires through. You can kiiiind of tell in this picture:img_7976

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