A Little De-cluttering, a Little DIY

Today was such a classic Gilit situation.

The assignment for Day 16  of Apartment Therapy’s January Cure is: Give Your Bathroom & Medicine Cabinets a Cleanout

It’s never been clearer just how much I love clearing things out. If I had more time, I would’ve gone crazy organizing everything (Tuvia, remember before we had kids when I used to organize and re-organize every week?)

I started with the kids/guest bathroom medicine cabinet. This is the “before”

IMG_0057We’ve got essential oils, a diffuser with nothing in it, lotions and creams for Aiden, some medicine, travel size lotion and shampoo, bubbles, extra toothbrushes, and hand sanitizer.

I pulled almost everything out onto the sink, grouping like items.


Three different lotions/creams

Three different lotions/creams

Three bottles of bubbles (in the bathroom because we don't care if Aiden spills there and the boy does love to spill his bubbles)

Three bottles of bubbles (in the bathroom because we don’t care if Aiden spills there and the boy does love to spill his bubbles)

Two hand sanitizers. Don't need 'em in the bathroom, we've got soap

Two mini hand sanitizers. Don’t need ’em in the bathroom, we’ve got soap

Medicine-like things and travel size shampoo and lotion

Medicine-like things and travel size shampoo and lotion

All of our essential oils, most of which we do not use

All of our essential oils, most of which we do not use

I pared things down a bit, cleaned the inside of the cabinet, and put everything that was left back in the cabinet.

The four oils we use, on occasion

The four oils we use, on occasion

Some things had expired already...yikes

Some things were about to expire and some had expired already…yikes

There wasn’t so much to get rid of and I did keep multiples of some things like the creams/lotions because we do go through it and they don’t all serve the same purpose.


We have more kid medicine, but since Aiden is sick right now, we’re keeping everything he’s been needing in the kitchen for daily access. There’s plenty of room in the cabinet though so hopefully we’ll be able to put it back really soon! And I’d love to have pretty guest toiletries in there in case someone forgets something.

The cabinet looks like such an empty canvas right now, it makes me want to “cute” it up with something…(a hint perhaps? Read on!)

Next I did the cabinet under the sink.

The "before"

The “before”

What would be great is one of those wire under-the-cabinet things like this:

Home Decorators Under Sink Caddy

Home Decorators Under Sink Caddy

But for now, it’s separated into two zones: the left is shampoo/conditioner (enormous Johnson’s baby wash plus some options for guests, we have more than enough room so I didn’t feel the need to throw it out) and the right is bathroom cleaning supplies.

IMG_0087 IMG_0088 IMG_0084Next came the hallway closet door. It houses our medicine and some extra toiletries and is the one place in our home with Elfa shelving. Oh, Elfa. We would definitely have more of you if only you weren’t so expensive…What I love about it (other than its beauty, because I’m not that shallow) is that it’s so easily converted between houses and functions. The same baskets can be used for cleaning supplies, crafts, media…etc. Endless Organizational possibilities! I LOVE IT!

IMG_0060 IMG_0061 IMG_0062 IMG_0063 IMG_0064 IMG_0066 IMG_0067With a quick purge and a little neatening up, I got this:

IMG_0090 IMG_0091And next came our bathroom. Let me just take the opportunity to say that I cannot WAIT until we own a home and don’t have this same ugly rental bathroom that we have had in almost every apartment. Perhaps it was this frustration with having the same ol’ ugly that made me do it.

But let’s backtrack. Here’s our cabinet:


I’ve pared down my makeup routine so that top shelf is mine and the other two are Tuv’s. He wasn’t home for me to ask what we could get rid of, but rest assured that by the end of this weekend, there will be less in this cabinet (you’re totally relieved, right?)IMG_0099


And then there are the stick on pods. I was so excited to spot these on Amazon, I rushed to order them and put them up as soon as they came without thinking it through. At the end of the day, they do their job, they house our toothbrushes and my makeup brushes and save us the counter or cabinet space. But the spacing is just…wacky. And now our cabinet door doesn’t close all the way. Ah, well.


We could take them down and re-stick them in more strategic places, but they are STUCK on there and at least the toothbrushes are on top so nothing is getting on them.


Is that toothbrush facing the other way driving anyone else nuts?

I took everything out again, got rid of two of my things that I don’t really use, but put most of it back since most of it is Tuvia’s and that’ll have to wait for him.

Then I moved on to the space under the sink:


The left has some extra or bigger supplies..IMG_0107

And the right has cleaning supplies…like Oxi-Clean which we have to use every day lest Mia miss it too much. They’re bestiesIMG_0105


I didn’t throw anything out, just took everything out and cleaned the inside of the cabinet. Again, it would look nice with an organizer, but I’m okay with it’s current state.

But I was craving something….something pretty….

And then this happened!


I saw this pretty wrapping paper at Target and grabbed it. I looooove it. It definitely makes the surrounding cabinet even uglier, but it makes me so happy to see it that I don’t care.

With everything put back in….IMG_0117But now I really want everything inside to be pretty and coordinate with the paper. Which isn’t going to happen because it is one of the least practical things I can think of using my time and money for. But a girl can dream…

Do you find that one project leads to another? That happens to me allll the time, hence why I began the post by saying today was so typical of me…start cleaning…end up putting wrapping paper in the bathroom cabinet. Here’s a sneak peek of a similar project I’m in middle of







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