Living Room Lighting

Forgive me for today’s post, it’s going to be a short one. After Tuv being sick for a week and then Aiden being sick for a week, now it’s my turn. No surprise, really. Aiden basically coughed right into my face most of this week.

On to today’s assignment: Looking at Living Room Lighting

Asess your lighting, which as a general rule should have at least “three unique points of light that vary from bright, concentrated light to soft ambient light”


speaking of lighting, I could not for the life of me figure out how to get a good picture when the natural light source is right in front of you. I promise it doesn’t look this dirty in real life


CB2 arc lamp


West Elm table lamp

We’ve got two sources at varying heights and the CB2 arc lamp has a dimmer (also recommended). There is no overhead fixture because we would have to install it ourselves completely and as renters that’s not really an option.

IMG_0138The ceiling comes down a bit between the “dining” and living room so we bought a six bulb track to put on the inside of it…possibly a year ago but we never put it up.

So that’s our third light source. We have it, it’s just in the front closet waiting to be installed.

I’m gonna go off-topic and ask if anyone has a good cold remedy you can use while nursing. Please do share 



2 thoughts on “Living Room Lighting

  1. No! You can’t be sick!! Also your natural light is a third source, isn’t it? I love your lamps especially the west elm one. I’m so over overhead. All I can say is what you already know vitamin c feel better!

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