How’s it Hanging?

I think I have a corny title problem. We can talk about it another time.

Apartment Therapy January Cure Day 20: Hang Your Artwork

On Day 6 we had to choose a piece of artwork that we would frame and hang and today is the hanging (sounds ominous, but it isn’t).  We chose an abstract watercolor, “Daybreak“, that we found on Etsy by Diane of soveryhappy art


We framed it on Day 6 in a trusty Ikea RIBBA.

IMG_0002The print is part of  what’s been a long-ish journey. I call it “what the heck should we put next to the windows over the couch?”

Many moons ago, we ordered two prints from the Foundary: “The Rain and “The Morning Sun both by Michel Valenton

"The Rain"

“The Rain”

"The Morning Sun"

“The Morning Sun”

Originally we were going to put one print on either side of the couch, but when we held it up the sizing didn’t look right. The left side already has a gold leaf arrangement and arc lamp, while the right side just had the table lamp and needed something bigger.IMG_0015IMG_0102So we switched it up a bunch of times (see here and here) and eventually decided on the Anthropologie butterfly calendar cover for the right and the Michel Valenton “The Rain” print on the left.

Love it so much, I put it on Instagram

Love it so much, I put it on Instagram

IMG_0005I really liked “The Rain” on the sideboard, but I think I just like it everywhere


But for now, we have “Daybreak” on the sideboard, “The Rain” on the left of the couch, and the Anthropologie calendar on the right.



You can see all the art linked to their sources on my pinterest on this board.

In other good news: I went to Trader Joe’s and got me some $3.99 flowers today! They actually made my day brighter. I loved walking around with a bouquet in my arms, especially on a day with such gross weather.

IMG_0011 IMG_0015 ANNND I am LOVING the hooks!IMG_0017

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