We are Cured!

Woot woot! As Aiden says so emphatically when he does anything: “we did it!” Come to think of it, he says that when I do something too. As in, he gets credit for anyone in our family doing anything.

Day 22 of Apartment Therapy’s January Cure: Shop for the Get Together Goodies

Originally, we were going to have a small family celebration dinner at our apartment. But we are exhauuuusted and luckily we have something coming up where we will see all of our family. Instead, Tuvia and I are going to have a date night because honestly, I could not have done the Cure without him and having not had a date night since Mia was born, we would love one (offers to babysit, anyone?)

I don't think we've been on a date since our babymoon in August

I don’t think we’ve been on a date since our babymoon in August


fuzzy iphone selfie

fuzzy phone selfie from the babymoon

In any case, it feels amazing to have done the Cure. Every day felt like it was productive and the house feels lighter, cleaner, better.

And the before/after for our goal project makes me happy:





In other exciting/terrifying news: On Monday I will be switching over to a self-hosted site (Blue Host)! So bear with me as I work through the transfer and magically learn to code and if you have any advice, please send it my way! I will post details as soon as I figure them out. Wish me luuuuck!!!

Has anyone else done the Cure? Or switched sites? Tell me everything! 

2 thoughts on “We are Cured!

  1. The projects look great and good for you for planning the type of celebration that you need. I hope you have a great time and if I knew you I would totally offer to babysit your adorable children.

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