Graduation, “Gradulation”

I’m not sure how to really express what I’m feeling right now, but I’m going to give it a shot: WWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That about sums it up. And while I’m doing math, let’s put FIT into mathematical perspective: 1 year catching … Continue reading

Miryam’s Bridal Shower

Instead of finishing my final thesis, project, or studying for my last final, I have chosen to quickly post about my friend Miryam’s bridal shower. 

We’ve been friends forever (by which I mean once we stopped disliking each other and decided we loved each other- classic love story) and I was so excited to make this party for her with another bridesmaid, Danit.

My mother-in-law was generous enough to allow us to throw it in her backyard so we could take advantage of the gorgeous weather and there would be enough room for all of the guests.

I don’t have a lot of photos of the decor, but here are some I swiped from Danit.


The table setting


Miryam wanted a Victoria’s Secret theme, so the centerpieces were VS bags surrounded by small round vases with hot pink roses and mason jars with water. We meant to put tealights in the water, but it turns out it’s better that we didn’t because it was so incredibly hot and we used them as water carafes instead!


The desserts were pink and red and delicious!


The scrumptious trifle that Danit made


A shot of the drinks: pink lemonade with lemon wedges, a hot pink raspberry lemonade, a fruity alcohol drink courtesy of the hubs, water for the HOT HOT day, and instead of champagne with strawberries, we did ginger ale with strawberries. We also had lemon wedges and sprigs of mint on the side…because some people like things on the side. (You get my reference and we are buddies for life)

We didn’t want to be too cutesy, so instead of light pink and hot pink, we stuck with white and light pink and then added red with the desserts. We also had flower pom-poms from Michael’s that we put on the bushes (and, we are told, they fooled some guests who thought they were real enormous flowers). 

For a guestbook of sorts, we had a photo album and asked guests to bring a photo of themselves with the bride, groom, or both and add a caption/message next to it. We also had an album for recipe cards (isn’t that sort of mandatory at a bridal shower? You MUST cook now, bride!)

All in all it was a really lovely day and I’m so glad I had someone so pleasant to work on it with (Go Danit!)

200 Pinterest Followers for ALL boards!!

This is going to be a super quick post because I have studying to do, paper to write, and presentations to prepare but I reached 200 Pinterest followers! That’s 200 people who follow all of my boards! Woot woot!

Thanks guys, couldn’t have done it without you!


Since I posted that I had 300 home decor followers, it’s gone up nicely also.




It’s something I really enjoy doing and it’s really nice that other people enjoy it too.

Okay- back to focusing on getting through the week until I graduate!!!

(At which point I will post about the LTA opening at the Guggenheim and start updating on everything we’ve done in the apartment)

PS 145 School Exhibit

I guess today really was my last day at PS 145 (insert sad emoticon)

I met up with Sonya, gathered the artwork and we hung it up in the gym. It’s a testament to the project Sonya came up with and the kids creativity how wonderful it looks in the gym. The kids all made 3D abstract paper collages and according to their artists statements, really surprised themselves, enjoyed the process, and loved the results.

These pictures do not do it justice, it looks absolutely charming in person:



The actual exhibit is tomorrow for the kids and their parents and I’m so sad because I can’t be there because I have school! In any case I’m really glad that all of the kids get to see their art on the walls and get to show their families and not just the kids whose work got sent to the Guggenheim.

Speaking of which, the “A Year with Children” exhibit is opening soon and I encourage everyone to go see it. I can’t wait to bring Aiden. I will obviously use this opportunity to include a picture of the guy. You can see how cultured he is, he does yoga.Image