My blog and website addictions…it’s kind of serious
  • Pinterest: I could literally spend hours on this site looking at other people’s inspiration and ideas and pinning mine. Seriously, check out my boards.
  • apartment therapy: a home design website “saving the world, one room at a time”
  • Young House Love: I am so in love with this site and I still hope that one day Sherry and John will look around at their beautiful home and say “We’re done, now let’s do this Gilit person’s apartment” (because in my head, they know me and will think of me when their house is done, it totally makes sense)
  • Spearmint Baby: Fair warning: you can get lost for hours on this site (in a really good way). Also see Spearmint Wedding, Spearmint Decor, Spearmint Kitchen, and Spearmint Money.
  • Elements of Style: A design blog that combines fashion, interior design, and pop culture, Erin has fab taste and her blog is worth a visit (or two or three, keep going…)
  • IHeart Organizing: This is THE BEST organizing blog. I basically have to keep a mop nearby when I read it because of all the drool.
  • Bower Power: Even if I wasn’t obsessed with Katie’s incredible photography skills I would be head over heels for  Bower Power because Katie is hilariously candid and it’s like listening to a bestie
  • MadebyGirl: Jen Ramos’ art is breathtaking, I love her prints, her home is gorgeous, aaand she happens to be beautiful and seems like a sweetheart.
  • alltumbledown: A style blog by my friend Nina about dressing fab as a modern Orthodox Jew. She has a thing for brights and sparkly things so you really can’t go wrong.
  • Ain’t No Mom Jeans: As far as I’m concerned, this is the best fashion blog for new (or not so new) moms. She combines practicality with looking good and puts together the cuuuutest outfits. I’m a fan.
  • designstILes: self-described as being made up of  “3 parts fashion, 2 parts travel, a dash of cuisine, a sprinkle of bargain, a pinch of art, a smidgen of movies, and a whole lot of Interior Design” there’s always something interesting or pretty to see.
  • MY Old Country House: I adore her home decor and would let her take over our apartment in a minute. And I am seriously obsessed with her living room.
  • storypiece: A refreshingly honest look at life, interior design, and DIY
  • northofseven: I love how she writes and what she writes about, go check her out
  • Bliss: Kristy has fab and completely doable DIY’s and I love her taste
  • Making it Lovely:   How have I missed this until now?? LOVE Nicole Balch and her blog more and more. Her living room in particular is to DIE for.
  • Project Nursery: a treasure trove of all things baby, it’s a constant source of inspiration

I’ll add more sites as I discover them. Do you have a favorite website or blog? Please share, I’d love to hear about it (especially if it’s yours because who better to describe it than you)

7 thoughts on “Blogroll

  1. Woman the fact that you even named me in the presence of such high company on this page is beyond flattering. This totally made my day. That and the fact that the kids are going to the Grandparents for a week. But this came first. 🙂

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