You’re All Invited!

The weekend of February 1-3 you’re all invited to celebrate! Okay, I can’t really invite you all to my home because I think there’s a thing about telling a bunch of strangers where exactly you live but we can celebrate together in spirit!

Backing up…today’s assignment (yup, TODAY! I am caught up!) is to “get your get-together together” including date, guests, and invite.

I’m going to make a small low-key dinner with immediate family to celebrate (you hear that guys? this is your invite! Just kidding, I’ll totally send an e-mail and make it official). Seriously, I am grateful to every one of you who has visited, read along, commented, or been supportive of this process. It means a lot and helps move everything along.


If I were doing paper invites, I would probably go for a minted one. Have you been there? They have the most amazing prints, invites, thank you cards, etc.

Like this print, which has a fab retro graphic feel:


That song was stuck in my head forever after that Mad Men episode except the only words I know are the ones on the poster. So I just sang that over and over and over…

Day 7. Done and done.

Miryam’s Bridal Shower

Instead of finishing my final thesis, project, or studying for my last final, I have chosen to quickly post about my friend Miryam’s bridal shower. 

We’ve been friends forever (by which I mean once we stopped disliking each other and decided we loved each other- classic love story) and I was so excited to make this party for her with another bridesmaid, Danit.

My mother-in-law was generous enough to allow us to throw it in her backyard so we could take advantage of the gorgeous weather and there would be enough room for all of the guests.

I don’t have a lot of photos of the decor, but here are some I swiped from Danit.


The table setting


Miryam wanted a Victoria’s Secret theme, so the centerpieces were VS bags surrounded by small round vases with hot pink roses and mason jars with water. We meant to put tealights in the water, but it turns out it’s better that we didn’t because it was so incredibly hot and we used them as water carafes instead!


The desserts were pink and red and delicious!


The scrumptious trifle that Danit made


A shot of the drinks: pink lemonade with lemon wedges, a hot pink raspberry lemonade, a fruity alcohol drink courtesy of the hubs, water for the HOT HOT day, and instead of champagne with strawberries, we did ginger ale with strawberries. We also had lemon wedges and sprigs of mint on the side…because some people like things on the side. (You get my reference and we are buddies for life)

We didn’t want to be too cutesy, so instead of light pink and hot pink, we stuck with white and light pink and then added red with the desserts. We also had flower pom-poms from Michael’s that we put on the bushes (and, we are told, they fooled some guests who thought they were real enormous flowers). 

For a guestbook of sorts, we had a photo album and asked guests to bring a photo of themselves with the bride, groom, or both and add a caption/message next to it. We also had an album for recipe cards (isn’t that sort of mandatory at a bridal shower? You MUST cook now, bride!)

All in all it was a really lovely day and I’m so glad I had someone so pleasant to work on it with (Go Danit!)