Goodbye Junk, Hello Floor

On Friday, when I got the January Cure e-mail from Janel at Apartment Therapy, I thought there was no way I was going to get the assignment done on time. Day 18: Weekend Chores: Flowers, Living Room, Empty Your Outbox Tuvia had … Continue reading

A Little De-cluttering, a Little DIY

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Letting Go of Clutter

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Kicking It Off by Kicking Stuff Out

Today’s January Cure Assignment: Set up your outbox and put one thing in it.

This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but I never made it happen so I’m really excited!

An outbox is an in-between place for all those things that you want/should/could get rid of or can’t decide about. It’s a place you set aside as a “halfway house” for your things. It’s genius. It allows you to let go of whatever emotional attachments you have to things by placing it aside. So you haven’t gotten rid of it, but you’ve put it aside and sometimes that helps you


These are the rules of the outbox game according to Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan (co-founder and CEO of AT):


1. Anything can go in the Outbox
2. The Outbox is allowed to get messy
3. Everything must stay in the Outbox for at least one week
4. After that time you have several choices
a. Take anything back out
b. Leave anything you are undecided about for one more week
c. Dispose of the rest by moving to the garbage, recycling bin, or giveaway pile

I have a garbage bag full of clothes and a chipped platter that I am thrilled to put in it! The clothes are things I’ve been holding on to “just in case” but I haven’t touched in two years. Granted, nine months of those two years I wouldn’t be wearing them anyway, but still.

The platter is one we got as a gift when we were first married so I was holding onto it for sentimental value. The thing is, I don’t need it. It serves no practical purpose and I can certainly remember our early days of marriage without it.

Plus I have another platter my grandmother got for us around the same time and I love that one a lot more 🙂 S0 much more that I am including four pictures of it #selfrestraintatitsbest

IMG_0046 IMG_0052 IMG_0049 IMG_0051

I know exactly what I want to use as our “box”. It’s a wicker basket from Target that we got for Aiden’s room and is currently holding his overflowing collection of stuffed animals that I cannot wait to go through and purge.


The only problem is where to put it…The front closet? There isn’t room right now because of the stroller we keep in there, but ultimately that’s where I want it. My closet? It will drive me nuts to have a pile of things on their way out in my closet every day. Aiden and Mia’s closet is big, but a little chaotic right now from all the generous gifts that I have yet to sort (for shame, Gilit!)

I finally decided on the hallway because that’s where I pile things on their way out anyway. It isn’t pretty and doesn’t make much sense long term, but it works for now and if I need to change its location eventually, that’s fine with me.

Day 2 Assignment: 

Set up outbox and put one thing in it (I’m a total overachiever, I put two things)

IMG_0054 IMG_0051 IMG_0057

Is anyone else participating in the January Cure? I’m loving it already! In general I do well with guidelines and rules and if I self-impose them I can always overrule myself…sneaky cycle.


It’s a New Year, Let’s Get Organized

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