How’s it Hanging?

I think I have a corny title problem. We can talk about it another time. Apartment Therapy January Cure Day 20: Hang Your Artwork On Day 6 we had to choose a piece of artwork that we would frame and … Continue reading

Apartment Projects are Contagious

You know the saying about how good deeds breed good deeds? It’s the same in our house with projects. We do one and we get the bug. The only acceptable bug to have in our house as far as I’m concerned. Today, … Continue reading

Home Goods Rocks My World

I love Home Goods. And not in a friends way. More in a wish-I-could-live-with-you-and-be-with-you-all-the-time way. Some might call that unhealthy, but I say those people haven’t been to Home Goods or have never truly be in love with a store before.

Today I went to Home Goods (cue the angels singing, seriously, they just did in my head) and I finally did it. I took the plunge. Made the commitment. I am now the proud owner of….artificial flowers!

I know it’s breaking one of the first rules of decorating, but you know what? I love flowers, I really do, but I really hate taking care of them. I hate throwing out the ones that die. I despise washing out the vase/mason jar that inevitably gets stinky because I hate throwing out the ones that die.

Also, I’m taking care of my kid and don’t have the time, energy, or will to take care of a plant (plus I don’t know how. I have killed a cactus in the past, I kid you not.)

Enough rambling…here it is:

I do not feel like this picture does it justice at all. Here’s another one:


wider shot


that feels even worse…hmmm…here’s one without the runner and then I give up.


Well, the point is I finally bought artificial flowers and while I don’t think they look too good in the pictures, I love them in real life and am happy with my decision.

There is still one thing haunting me though. There was a blue console that I was DYING for!! I looooooved it. Really wanted it. Kinda wished we were still looking for one so I could justify it. But we already used our money thriftily on…you guessed it… IKEA. The white bookcase is good ol’ Billy and it’s definitely not a “piece”, but it serves its purpose and we don’t need to spend $200 on a piece of furniture we don’t need.

Have you used artificial flowers? Were you satisfied with the result? What about a non-impulse buy? Ever regret not giving in to that impulse? Not that I do, I think it was a good decision, but I still miss it and I bet it’s sitting there in the dark, closed store right now…missing me too.


The Master List

I feel like I should’ve added an evil “mwahahah!” to the title because anything that has master in it deserves an evil laugh. Moving on…below is the ultimate overall total and complete list of everything we want to do in … Continue reading

Nursery Shelving

I definitely want to put a bookshelf in Aiden’s room, but I don’t know if I want to do a sling bookshelf like this One Step Ahead one just use an overall storage unit like the IKEA expedit or trofast. In the end I just want it to be easy for Aiden to put things in their general place when he gets older.

I started a blog!

Maybe let’s start with the name of the blog.

For as long as I’ve had my own home (read: apartment), I’ve wanted everyone to take their shoes off at the door. With everything we are bound to step on outside, I can’t bear the thought of it in our home. When my son was born, it was the perfect excuse to finally enforce this rule! I always feel a little bad about making people take their shoes off, it can definitely be a pain (though I’m a barefoot person, so I do it anyway), but we have a basket of new socks for visitors to wear and keep so I hope that diminishes anyone’s annoyance.
I also thought it was an appropriate name for this blog because the most important thing to both my husband and me is that our home is open and comfortable for visitors. I will hopefully post some pictures soon of our apartment, but you’ll see that we go for space for friends over beauty (though we try for some of that too).
One day I hope that we can afford a house and to furnish it as we wish, but as for now we are a mainly IKEA residence. It frustrates me at times, but I think we were successful in making it our own. I hope you’ll agree!