Making Pregnancy Public and the Nickname

Now that the cat is way out of the bag and I’ve made it public that we are expecting baby #2, as promised I will explain

1- why we waited to make it really public news, and

2- our nickname for the little nugget


I held back for awhile for several reasons, mainly because: it’s scary.

Like many people, Tuv and I kept the news to ourselves for the first three months (except for close family). While I was ecstatic to make the news public in our circle of family, friends, and neighbors, there’s something a little frightening about sharing the news in such a public place.

If you think about it, it is ASTOUNDING that healthy babies are born every day. That your body knows how to take care of a growing fetus and that the baby’s organs know how to form and where to go and how to function. I honestly believe that it is a miracle every single time and I am so profoundly grateful for it.

To be completely honest, I took it for granted with Aiden. I assumed everything would be okay and that he and I would both be healthy. Definitely not this time. If anything, having a kid teaches you not to take any of it for granted.

This is a long video, but certainly explains better than I ever could (or anyone who isn’t as clearly brilliant as Alexander Tsiaris) just how incredible the entire process is :


Now, on to the nickname:

Before Aiden was born we knew we wanted to name him for Tuvia’s grandfather who had recently passed away, Paul or his Hebrew name, Pinchas. Neither name was on the top of our list for a first name, but we knew we would honor it somehow (and eventually did, as a middle name). Among the many helpful suggestions for a first name (Mufasa, Stinky, and Uncle Tuvia were just three offered by various nieces and nephews) was my father-in-law’s suggestion: Primo. And it stuck.

So for baby #2, we went with Segundo. It’s easier to have a name to refer to and since we keep the real name a secret until the bris for a boy and birth for a girl, it’s definitely even more helpful.