You’re All Invited!

The weekend of February 1-3 you’re all invited to celebrate! Okay, I can’t really invite you all to my home because I think there’s a thing about telling a bunch of strangers where exactly you live but we can celebrate together in spirit!

Backing up…today’s assignment (yup, TODAY! I am caught up!) is to “get your get-together together” including date, guests, and invite.

I’m going to make a small low-key dinner with immediate family to celebrate (you hear that guys? this is your invite! Just kidding, I’ll totally send an e-mail and make it official). Seriously, I am grateful to every one of you who has visited, read along, commented, or been supportive of this process. It means a lot and helps move everything along.


If I were doing paper invites, I would probably go for a minted one. Have you been there? They have the most amazing prints, invites, thank you cards, etc.

Like this print, which has a fab retro graphic feel:


That song was stuck in my head forever after that Mad Men episode except the only words I know are the ones on the poster. So I just sang that over and over and over…

Day 7. Done and done.

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