The Master List

I feel like I should’ve added an evil “mwahahah!” to the title because anything that has master in it deserves an evil laugh. Moving on…below is the ultimate overall total and complete list of everything we want to do in … Continue reading

Random Room Rug and online mood boards

Just discovered an online tool called Olioboard where you can create a mood board, save, and download it. Boy, I wish I had known about it before we moved…. most of my inspiration is online and though I do tear out and save magazine pics, it’s easier to keep it together on my computer. I’m going to attempt some hopefully in the near future and maybe even share it….I’m wild like that

I saw this on Urban Outfitters and thought it would be nice in the random-next-to-the-kitchen-room:

My concerns are that it doesn’t go with the foyer/dining room with it’s really purple walls (Behr purple mauve or exotic purple, I can’t remember), but I do like that it brings the blue from the living room into the random room.

I already have baskets from Home Goods that are blue in my attempt to
unify the open space some more. I can’t wait until the final shelf is up so I can organize everything we want to put up there!