Seven Things About Me Award (!!!)

The wonderful Alex at NorthofSeven nominated me for a “Seven Things About Me Award”! Thank you, thank you fellow blogger who has made me laugh and cry (again, I’m gonna have to reference the hormone surge). I love her blog … Continue reading

Two Ideas

There are two ideas I want to take from this post by young house love on babycenter:

1- the velcro to keep frames from tilting on the wall when squishy inevitably points to them with glee and

2- I’ve been going back and forth on what to put in our very narrow entranceway. For now the choices are between painting a tree and putting coat hooks on some of the branches, a gallery of music/concert posters we have,  or the collection of paintings/drawings/prints…etc. we’ve collected over the years.

I like the last idea because it showcases different parts of our lives and is meaningful to us, but the tree/coat hook idea is practical and if we put some lower hooks, Aiden can easily use them. The music posters used to be in the hall to our bathroom in our old apartment and we can’t seem to find a place for them here- maybe in Aiden’s room?